Our attendees always come back for more and more information. Some of our past events are below.

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Chris Salazar

Chris Salazar is a Multifamily expert who made his first millions investing in multifamily properties all before the age of 25! Yes, you read that right! Before the age of 25! He'll be sharing with us how he got started, and how he is building onto his massive portfolio.

Brent Bowers

March is dedicated to learning all about LAND! Our guest speaker is the land guru himself, Brent Bowers. Starting as an investor and now coaching others how to make passive income buying and selling vacant land. You don't want to miss this one!

Keith Everett

Looking to inject some real results into your business, look no further! Our February virtual meetup will feature the Master of Acquisitions himself, Keith "Real Estate Ditty" Everett who will share with us how to master YOUR acquisitions.

DeOnna Britt

We are kicking off the new year with some heat! Our virtual meetup this month will feature DeOnna Britt, ESQ from Law Clerk On Demand sharing how you can maximize your marketing using courthouse lists! If you are wondering what lists perform, and which ones you need to get, DeOnna will share all about it!

2021 Holiday Recap

Though 2020 has definitely been quite a year, we are weathering the storm and are using our December 17th meetup as our 2nd Annual Holiday Recap. We have had some amazing guest speakers who joined us virtually throughout the year to bring pure value and gems! 

 Nasar El-arabi

Learning from others' mistakes and experience is what Nasar El Arabi is all about. He's joining us virtually to share how he got started investing in Real Estate and what he has learned since, to get him where he is today-a 7-figure wholesaling business and new home developer! You don't want to miss these gems!

Zach Boothe

What's the best way to get into Real Estate with little to no money? It's through wholesaling. And this month, our virtual meetup guest speaker is Zach Boothe, sharing with us how you can use Driving-for-Dollars to find the most and largest deals in any market!

Elijah Rubin & Jennifer Coronado

Have you ever came across a fire damaged property and thought there were too many hurdles to cross to get to closing? Well we have a treat for you! Elijah Rubin & Jennifer Coronado will be joining us this month to share how you can earn up to 3 checks wholesaling fire damaged properties. Be sure to be present for this one!

Chantelle Owens

Interested in learning about tax liens? What they are, and how to get started investing in tax liens? This month, we bring to you the tax lien queen herself, Chantelle Owens. She'll be sharing with us how to acquire properties through tax lien investing. This will be an information packed event that you won't want to miss!

Chris Jefferson

An experienced Real Estate professional who became a millionaire in the midst of the 2008 Recession, Chris now does hundreds of fix/flips, wholesale deals, new construction and more!

A. Donahue Baker

He recently co-founded a $10 million angel syndicate/VC fund designated to helping minorities create wealth and have access to capital.

Juan Pablo

Owner of 100 Percent Financed, he became a financially-free multi-unit real estate investor after the 2008 crash! He shares how he did it, and how you may be able to leverage our current reality to get to your financial goals as well.

Krystal and
Dedric Polite

The go-to couple on how to use Driving For Dollars to build wealth. Not only they are utilizing Real Estate in their business, but they are doing so while building and maintaining their marriage.

Tag Thompson

GoOffer Now!!! Tag Thompson shares all the information on his proprietary AI tool that eliminates the fear of giving sellers an offer that is too high.

Tommy Holt, Jr.

Our January event features Tommy Holt Jr. shares all the information on Social Media and how it can transform your business.                                              

1st Annual Holiday Mixer

What a wonderful 2019 we have had! Guest speakers include Joe McCall, Tom Krol, Jacci Konkle, Brent Daniels, Eddie Speed, Pace Morby, & Jamil Damji just to name a few!

Jamil Damji

Also known as the Godfather of Wholesaling, Jamil Damji broke into real estate shortly after moving from LA where he worked as a comedian.

Eddie Speed

Since 1980, W. Eddie Speed has dedicated his professional life to the seller financing and non-performing note industry.

Alexis Lee

From contractors to finishes, and everything in-between, Alexis will show you the needed tools to be successful on your rehab. 

Brent Daniels

Creator of TTP, Brent runs a multi-million dollar wholesaling business out of Phoenix, Arizona.